Week 17 – Paddling where the wind takes you!

I love cottages, I mean LOVE them! My dream home is a cottage by a lake, where I can serve/eat blueberry pancakes on the patio while watching the sunrise. Yes! I thought this through ha ha… What makes a cottage so appealing is simply the presence of water! This week’s activity was wonderful since it involved lots of water and I am talking about water from a natural source, that source being Meech lake 🙂


Week # 17 – Part 1: Go paddle boarding with Paddlefit at Meech lac!



I reached out to the owner of Paddlefit, Jodi, a few weeks ago and scheduled my introduction to paddle boarding. The group of 8 or so met at Meech Lake for 6pm. Everyone was so nice and we laughed as we all got set up and attempted to keep our balance on our boards.  Jodi, who was the instructor that day, guided each person and provided useful tips the entire time we were on the water, which was around 2 hours! The water on your toes and the breeze was beyond relaxing but don’t be fooled it works your core. Guys you have to try this!

What does Paddlefit offer?

It is the number one stand up paddling company in Ottawa! They have introduction programs, paddle yoga, paddle racing and fitness clinics!

Where does it take place?

All around the Ottawa and Gatineau region. Either Bate Island, Meech Lake, Lac Leamy, Jacque Cartier Park or Aylmer Beach!

What is the cost?

Depends on what you choose. Equipment rental alone is 25$ plus taxes, clinics with equipment rental range between 45$ an 65$ with taxes. Should you want a season membership, they start at 85$ + taxes for yoga and up to 250$ + taxes for unlimited Paddlefit class access. With the purchase of a membership, you can use your own board (you can buy one through them) or get discounts on equipment rentals.

What to wear?

No shoes required here, you ride your board bare feet! I suggest you bring flip flops and that you leave them on the beach during the session. Also, wear light and quick dry clothing. It was cold when I went which is why I kept my sweatshirt but underneath I had a sleeveless top and a bikini. If you own a tight fitting running shirt or jacket that would work well. For pants, shorts or leggings are great. Or even better, a wetsuit!


Most importantly, will I get wet?

It is very possible. When trying different moves and techniques you can lose your balance and fall in. You have a life jacket so you have nothing to worry about! Make sure to wear something that won’t absorb too much water! On a warm day you will most likely fall in on purpose!

Again this was a wonderful experience! I say that even though we had a fairly chilly and windy evening. Imagine how great this activity would be on a warm summer day! Do you own a paddle board? If so, where did you purchase it?

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  • Diana Eats

    Cool! I’ve been meaning to try SUP and will definitely check out Paddlefit! Is the clinic just one class or a series of classes??

    • prettymesmerizing

      Hey Diana,

      You absolutely should! You can attend just one class, it’s what I did. You can select the day and type of class you want on the site. You also select either the clinic alone or, in your case, clinic with equipment! Let me know if you try it 🙂

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