No matter how old we get, I have the impression that nobody ever stops enjoying games. I mean, are we ever too old to play: Clue, Mario Kart or Cards Against Humanity? I think not. In general, games are amazing ice breakers for groups and make everyone feel comfortable. If you have yet to incorporate fun games during a house party, try it at the next event. I promise it will lighten up the mood and create great memories. If you don’t want to host a game night, don’t worry The loft board game Lounge can take care of that for you.


Week #16 Challenge – Part 1: Visit The Loft Board Game Lounge.



What is this place?

It’s a lounge located in the Ottawa market where you can gather with friends to drink, eat and, as you would suspect, play board games. They have hundreds of games to choose from.


5$ after 3pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends.

I went with a group of 6 individuals and it was really fun! We would play a round of one game and move on to the next.. Most games become pretty funny and when drawings are involved I must warn you that it can get PG or R rated pretty quickly. Make sure to try: Telestrations After Dark (one of my personal favourites)!


Week #16 Challenge – Part 2: Explore the sweets at DessertFest.


When I first heard of DessertFest, I envisioned a dessert heaven. Such as kiosks upon kiosks of savory treats for us to try and purchase to bring home. I was curious to explore this new event and so I made my way to Lansdowne with a friend.


What did I think?



  • Fast Service: The entrance line was quick and purchasing an admission ticket (10$) and dessert ticket sheet was easy (10$ for 20 tickets or 20$ for 40 tickets);
  • Delicious: The desserts we tried tasted very good;
  • Quality Service: The DessertFest coordinators, volunteers and businesses were very friendly and helpful.



  • Poor navigation: The venue layout was far from ideal. It was difficult to navigate because all the kiosk were so close to one another and line ups were blocking access. Everyone was heading in different directions, it felt a bit chaotic!
  • Minimal dessert selection: granted I attended the event on Sunday around noon but it seemed like most of the desserts were gone and I found no gluten-free options.
  • Overpriced: To put it in perspective, for 20$ (including admission and tickets), I was able to purchase a small piece of pie and two little chocolates. Nothing more. The portions were so small, it just didn’t seem worth the cost.


I loved the concept of the event and really believe it has a lot of potential. However, unless they reduce the cost per item, increase the dessert availability and arrange the kiosks differently, I am not tempted to encourage you to go. I say let’s keep an open-mind and see if the event improves next year!

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  • Dad

    Hey Is! True, no matter what our age….board games are fun…I’m living proof! Ah Ah! How does Telestration After Dark compare with Cards Against Humanity? On Amazon the ratings are very high (4 and 5 stars). There’s a warning on Indigo that it’s “not for children”. Hmmmm….guess Jaxson won’t be playing anytime soon. 🙂

    • prettymesmerizing

      Telestrations is better since you can incorporate Cards Against Humanity with it. I will bring it at our next gathering! You will see how fun it is 🙂 Poor Jax will be missing out for now..

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