Run, run, run… Stop! Wait a second, what is that? Oh fantastic, a mud swamp to swim in. Just what I asked for I guess!? That was my reality this weekend when I attended my first Mud Hero Race.


Before I go into details, let’s go back to the previous week. I failed to mention that aside from, 

trying EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle, I also volunteered at the Ottawa Tamarack Race Weekend. If you are looking for a fantastic volunteer opportunity make sure to sign-up at this event next year! The volunteer coordinator Nancy was incredible. We had excellent conditions: drinks and snacks, various tasks to make the day go by quickly and plenty of breaks (seems like a given but trust me it’s not). That day was wonderful also due to the great volunteers I worked with, some of which were runners. Volunteering at the Ottawa Race Weekend was an excellent way to prepare for this week’s challenge since I was exposed first hand to what runners require pre and post-run.


Week # 15 Challenge: Run my first Mud Hero Race with a group of Badass girls!


I still remember the moment so vividly! I am on top of a tall slide that leads to a mud lake and wondering: “Why did I even climb up here? I change my mind. ABORT mission!!” Luckily my competitive side kicked in and I just went for it! SPLASH!! and my entire body was officially covered in mud! There is no denying, if you ever had the desire to play in the mud, this type of run is for you!

What is Mud Hero?

It’s a 6km or 10km obstacle course with a catch. To put it simply these obstacles are full of mud. You will get dirty and I mean really dirty!


When and where do I sign-up?

This is a yearly run that takes places in many cities, one of them being in the east end of Ottawa! You can register for the event on the Mud Hero Website and they offer discounts should you sign-up early in advance or in a group of 10 participants. The price ranges between 39$ and 84$ + HST. The races start in waves every half hour and so it’s never very crowded on the course.


How do I prepare for Mud Hero?

Training: If you want to train, doing a bit of upper strength training and cardio can be useful! You will be using your arms to lift yourself up and to climb various obstacles. The cardio will help you keep a good pace during the entire race which can last approximately 40 minutes to 2 hours. Training isn’t necessary of course since this event is meant to be fun, you can take your time!


Clothing: Here you can be creative and/ or practical!


  • Tops: use or buy an inexpensive shirt, tank and/or for the ladies a cheap sports bra, ideally in a fabric other than cotton. Cotton absorbs the water and mud and ends up weighing you down. I should know, I wore a cotton tank-top.
  • Bottoms: same rule applies. A pair of shorts, pants or swimsuit bottoms made of spandex or any quick dry material.
  • Shoes: use any old running shoes or, if you have none, I recommend you purchase a cheap pair as they will be drenched in mud. Check your local outlets for a good deal. Make sure to tie them up very tight otherwise you may lose them in the mud. Many orphan shoes are left behind along the course ha ha…
  • Hats and hair: as part of your registration package you receive a head band with your number on it. This will help keep your hair away from your face but for those with long hair make sure to tie it up. It will be much easier to keep mud away from your hair and face. You can also bring a hat but it will get dirty!


Want to dress creatively? You can dress up any way you like. Some wear gowns, tutus, pyjamas… options are limitless! It won’t make the race easier but it certainly adds a fun element!


What to pack?

Packing List:
  • Gym bag and/or garbage bag;
  • Water bottle;
  • Towel;
  • Clean tops, bottom & intimates;
  • Second pair of shoes or flip flops;
  • Wallet (ID and cash);
  • Sunscreen;
  • Dysinfectant;
  • Hat;
  • Plastic bags for dirty clothes and shoes;
  • Snacks (ex: fruit and nuts);
  • Personal products (cream, soap, shampoo & deodorant);
  • Positive attitude – hard to pack but I think you will manage.


Pre-race: Parking is limited and costs 10$ which means carpooling is a great idea! Make sure to arrive at least 1 hour and a half before your race time since the registration and bag check lines are very long.

What’s included:

– Race admission

– Time tracking chip

– Head band with your race number

– Mud Hero T-shirt

– Mud Hero Medal (at the finish line)

– Free alcoholic beverage (upon presentation of your tracking chip)


Post-race: Great job you survived the mud madness, now what?


  1. Make memories: Find your friends and family and go take pictures before washing off.
  2. Go enjoy a shower or 3: A shower area is on site to get ride of the bulk of the mud covering your body. Change areas are available to get into clean clothes. Fair warning, you will want to shower again at home.
  3. Grab a bite to eat: on site is a party area where you can purchase BBQ food such a burgers, salads, fries and drinks. This is where you can redeem your alcoholic beverage.


There you have it! If you prepare properly and are cautious during the race I can guarantee that you will have a great experience! To all Mud Hero racers, do you have any advice or tips to share?


More fun to come in the next few days!!

Isabelle xox

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  • Dad

    Hey Is! So…you’re a “Mudder” and a Mud Hero! lol Can you imagine Mom and Bennette participating in this race??? I would pay for their admission just to see them after the first obstacle. Priceless, I’m sure!

    Good advice as to how to prepare, what to wear and what to do before, during and after the event. Sounds like a lot of dirty, dirty fun. xo

  • Julie Paquette

    Mud Hero is so much fun! Norm and I were really happy to see you there Isa. Clovis, you should do it with us next year 🙂
    Julie Paquette

  • Diana Eats

    Nice video! It was like reliving the day! 😀 (we survived it!!)

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