Week 120 – All the reasons to get a bean bag!

I’ve been thinking lately.. like thinking a lot! Do you ever ask yourself:


” What is it I really want?


If money and opportunities presented no boundaries, what would you dedicate your time to? Who would you surround yourself with? Where would you go?


Maybe that means being in the kitchen, with Mr. or Mrs. Perfect lighting the weapon of choice… a candelabra. Oh, right!!! We aren’t trying to solve a murder mystery, simply determining your aspirations.


I only realised very recently that I’ve never let myself dream big.. I have a feeling this is quite common amongst adults. So many of us set what I call moderate goals, they are reasonable and avoid the possibility of disappointment. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these goals but do they evoke continuous passion and excitement?! I doubt it!


For the first time in my life, I am letting myself feel as though things that appear out of reach are actually achievable. How will I achieve these dreams? I have absolutely no idea, but these inspirational thoughts and ideas are what can propel you in the direction you really want. After all, you can’t reach for the stars, if you aren’t even aware you would like to reach them!


So as I am exploring what I consider to be my real dreams, I’ve been trying to create a special place in my home where I can totally unwind and unleash these inspirational thoughts. That’s when the idea came to me, I need a comfy seat.. better yet I need an adult size bean bag!


Week #120 Challenge: Sink into your new favorite seat with MyBeanBag.ca!



Full-disclosure: I was granted a small discount towards my purchase in support of my blog.




Selecting a store to purchase a bean bag came rather easily, I found the MyBeanBag.ca website and could tell this it the go-to place for bean bags. They are North America’s bean bag experts, not only have they been in business for 25 years but they are constantly innovating their line of bean bags.


Reasons you will love your MYBEANBAG?!



Need a little convincing before taking the plunge, that’s ok, I’ve got you! Here are things you want to know about MyBeanBag:




Their bean bags add such a playful tone to your home. They mold to your body as you are able to shift into the perfect position. The fabrics used are of soft and sturdy material which feels soooo nice on your skin and the fillers are dense, you won’t see yourself sinking to the floor.




Not only are the fabrics used quite thick, they also apply a double stitch pattern to the filling ensuring the seams don’t tear open because we all know what a mess that would make. It’s one sturdy seat you won’t feel worried sinking into PLUS the filling covers are both anti-bacterial and anti-mold.




Unlike most house seating, bean bags don’t cost you a whole lot! The My Bean Bag products range between $129 and $250 which is really reasonable plus they have sales regularly. Your best bet is to sign-up to MyBeanBag.ca Newsletter to stay on top of their promotions.




Not only do their bean bags come in various shapes and sizes, they also carry different colours and fabrics. You can find kids bean bags, adults bean bags, giant bean bags and a gorgeous line of Fur (not real animal fur) bean bags.




This seat is very useful. You can move it easily from room to room and use it for all kinds of activities, reading, working, online shopping, movie watching, gaming or whatever you are in the mood for.


Selecting your Bean Bag


These are the different shapes and benefits of each:


Round Shape: This is your traditional bean bag which is available in both kid and adult sizes, ideal if you lack space.



Pear Shape: This bean bag has a more seat like look this way you don’t need to play around with it in order to get the right shape. Offers a bit more back support too! Also comes in an adult and kid size.



Giant Shape: This is the biggest and roundest bean bag option, you can sit, lay and possibly even cuddle on this one.



360 Stretch Shape: This bean bag has a more pancake type look being 12” high and 40” diameter. It has a nylon base and a stretchy lycra seat to be able to expand the seat to your liking.



Gaming Shape: This bean bag is perfect for gamers or music lovers with it’s comfortable back rest and integrated speakers/subwoofer. It is 30” high, 32” deep and 31” wide, it’s seat also goes deeper then others at 18.5”.



For more information visit the Beanbag Sizing page. 


My recommendation?


Go for the giant size. Unless you have space constraints, I would recommend opting for this format. This way you have more room to rest, sit and cuddle. I mean the cuddling is a bit of a challenge, but you can certainly make it work 😉


It’s also pet approved, as you can see!


In terms of fabrics, I would say the Furs Beanbag line is the most elegant option. It offers a look that will not interfere with the aesthetics of your home. If you have a more vibrant style however you will find all kinds of fun colours to choose from in the Giant section.


Direct delivery to you


Shipping is completely FREE across Canada and is incredibly quick. My bean bag was shipped the day I ordered it and delivered the very next day in Ottawa, ON (had I only been home to receive it). Delivery might be slightly longer the further you reside from Montreal, QC. Also, the customer service is fantastic at answering any questions you may have.


This felt like an inspired idea and quite honestly I love that I treated myself to this fun little seat. Plus I fully expect friends and family to take advantage of it whenever they drop by. Will it become part of your home too?


Isabelle xo

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