Week 117 – Ottawa meet Lunch Box

I typically avoid eating out for the simple fact that finding healthy options can prove, not impossible, but challenging! A few weeks ago life happened and suddenly cooking was out of the question! What’s a girl to do?!


So here I am scrambling to get my mind in order while everything is crashing down at once, right before I leave the country mind you, so naturally out went the meal planning! The good news is that this gave me an opportunity to get formerly acquainted with a convenient and delicious restaurant unique to Ottawa!


Week #117 Challenge: Pick up lunch or dinner at Lunch Box!



About Lunch Box


If you can handle fresh, flavourful handmade sandwiches, wraps and salads this place is your new best friend! The menu offers a wide selection of options:




Let’s be real, I am not a foodie but these sandwiches are definitely unique, gourmet and have such delicious flavours.



In terms of meat options, you can find honey garlic pork, roasted chicken, BBQ pulled pork or roasted, fried and spicy chicken options. Each sandwich is filled with veggies, cheese, fruits and sauce that compliment each other.


You can also pick a vegetarian option filled with greens, cheese and maple balsamic mayo.


You get to select your bread as well: Homemade Egg Bun, White Tortilla, Whole Wheat Tortilla or Gluten-Free Bun (extra cost).


I can only attest to the P. A. Day: Roasted chicken breast/spring mix/tomato/havarti/cranberry herb mayo




The Fire Drill 🔥: Spicy chicken/bacon/chili pepper cream cheese/pickled jalapenos/Sriracha mayo/greens


Both were fantastic choices, super tasty and satisfying! I did find my sandwich had a bit too much mayo, I prefer just a tad, so if you are like me I would suggest you request less mayo/sauce in your sandwich.




The LunchBox Menu in-store


Want a lighter option? You can opt for a salad instead. They offer 4 different salad combinations and you get to mix in any of the following homemade dressings:


Chili Lime – Garlic Aioli – Southwest Ranch  – Poppyseed – Balsamic




Want a more balanced meal? You can pick between 3 Lunchbox combo add-ons. Each combo adds a drink and a type of side to your sandwich order 🥪


My sister’s fiance ended up getting Combo #3 which included a drink and a side salad/dressing! If you are hesitating, make sure to ask for advice as they are excellent at offering recommendations.




This sealed the deal for me, I’ve been looking for edible cookie dough everywhere in Ottawa and this place makes it in not 1 but 6 different flavours guys!!!


Recess pieces (top), Franklin’s Fave (middle) & Reading Rainbow (bottom)


Grab one jar for $2 or mix and match 4 jars for $5!


I got them for my sister and she loved them! I tried just a bite of the Recess Pieces (she doesn’t know 😅) which is a perfect name considering it tastes just like Reeses Pieces!


Excited to place your order, right? Lunchbox is located on St-Joseph in Orleans. You can order there in person or your best best is to simply call 15 minutes before hand to place your order. This way you skip the wait!


Just so you they also catter which is what one of my colleagues organized a few years ago and remember it being a big hit then too!


After one bite, you’ll never see your own lunch box the same way 😋


Isabelle xo

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