Week 116 – Preparing for Cottage Season!

First thing first, if you haven’t experienced the Cottage Life at some point or another; you, my friend, have something to look forward to! Ever since I was itty bitty, my parents would bring me to my family cottage and some of my best childhood memories are from there. The sunrise over the lake, the peaceful nature sounds, the family gatherings, those delicious fire-roasted treats and even the bunk beds.


If you own a cottage, would like to rent one or simply looking to daydream ahead of your retirement then this is an event you won’t want to miss:


Week #116 Challenge: Visit the Ottawa Cottage Life & Backyard Event!


The event takes place yearly in Ottawa and offers you, your friends and family an opportunity to get together and explore all things outdoors, backyard and cottage!




What I love about these types of expositions is that tickets for children and youth (under 17 years of age) are free of charge. Which offers parents the flexibility of involving their kids.


To avoid the line-up, I suggest purchasing your tickets online ahead of time. This way you can go right in!




Since the Ottawa Cottage Life & Backyard Show is held at the EY Centre, which is one of Ottawa’s largest venues, the Ottawa Cottage Life & Backyard Show offers guests a very large and diverse amount of exhibits including:





Similarly, to any home or garden show, this event highlights all kinds of local businesses that can improve your home, cottage and backyard. For instance, you could find roofing services, dock and patio installations, pest control, landscaping services, indoor appliances, rustic decorations and much more.





You can also expect to find all kinds of fun outdoor gadgets and toys. If you own a waterfront cottage, there is a good chance you may want a boat or water accessories. Many new boat models were showcased as well as fun water toys and accessories.



Not to mention, you can find four wheelers for Dad, Mom and even the kids. Couldn’t help but think my nephew would have wanted to hop on one of these.





If you see a cottage as part of your future or as a retirement project, this is the place to be. So many cottage & home builders as well as Real Estate companies gather at this event to showcase properties and model homes that could make that dream a reality.


Linwood Homes was one of my favourite builders with their stunning Clearview Model.



If cottage rentals or resorts are more your thing, many vendors such as Calabogie Peaks ResortCanadastays, Sandbanks Summer Village and many more attend to give you a chance to explore potential summer getaways!




Lots of other trendy products are displayed across the floor. I discovered tons of new artists that design unique and custom paintings, artwork and woodwork:



Another cool thing I discovered upon my visit is the new RUCKIFY App.




You can either sign-up or download the Ruckify app which allows you to lend out or borrow all kinds of items. The idea here is instead of buying a new tool or accessory, you can save money by simply renting it.

Similarly, if you want to rent out an item you can do so using the app and earn extra income. Ruckify provides insurance for items you post for rent which gives the renter peace of mind.



You can honestly rent all kinds of things including power tools, fashion items, electronics, medical equipment and so much more.


I like this not only for it’s convenience but also due to the fact that it reduces unnecessary waste and is better for the environment as well. A win any way you slice it!


If you like keeping on top of all that is new for the summer season the Ottawa Cottage Life & Backyard Show is an event worth attending April 17-19, 2020!


I’ll make sure to remind you next year 😉


Isabelle xo


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  • Bennette

    I’m pretty sure I went to this event this year with two very special people! An afternoon well spent! 😊

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