Week 115 – Decorating with Pink Lemon!

When life gives you something rare like Pink Lemons no less 🍋, you must share the wealth, right?! In this article, please note that the lemons are more decorative in nature, not edible. Just wanted to make that clear 😉


Decorations and accessories play an important role in any home. Not only for it’s aesthetic benefits but even more so for the moods it can trigger. Now, I am not saying to go overboard and decorate every surface of your house. Simplicity is key in the decor world and when done right, can create a soothing, happy place that you will love coming home too.


When it comes to wall decor, my biggest recommendation is go with neutral tones and stick to simple designs. Such artwork is:


1- Timeless: You want to pick wall décor that you won’t grow out of. If you pick something trendy odds are, the novelty will fade.


2- Versatile: By choosing art work with neutral tones and colours it’s so much easier to coordinate with any room. This way if you change the paint colour or even the colour tones of the accessories in a given room, it will fit in nicely.


3- Complimentary: There is a place and time for contrasts but a sign of great artwork, to me, is it’s ability to blend in and tie the room together. Not overpower the rest.


When visiting Almonte back in the fall (Week #101) I stumbled upon a gorgeous wood decoration brand which encompases all the above qualities and more!


Week 115 – Decorate with Pink Lemon Décor!!


Full-disclosure: I was granted a discount on the items I purchased and am showcasing in this article!



Sometimes you just know it’s meant to be. That’s how it feels with Pink Lemon Decor. The style is clean, simple and classy. I’ve filtered every product on her website and you can’t go wrong with any of her frames.


About Pink Lemon Decor


Amber started this business, in Bowmanville ON, a few years ago and has been gaining popularity ever since. Each piece sold by Pink Lemon Decor has been handmade by Amber herself.


A lot of love and dedication goes into each and every decoration she designs. This mother of two, also ensures the wood used is of premium quality by selecting the wood pieces herself.




I’ve been in one of these customization moods lately, last week I talked about a furniture customization company (Week #114 – Johnson’s Antiques). Next month i’ll be sharing a customizable swimwear brand. As luck would have it, many of the Pink Lemon pieces are also customizable.


For most wood decorations you can select your preferred frame colour/stain:


  • Walnut
  • Natural
  • Gray
  • White


Walnut (Top left), Natural (Top right), Gray (Bottom left) & White (Bottom right)


This way you can make sure it matches the room you choose to integrate it in.


Custom Frame Review


I debated long and hard on what to get. I wasn’t sure how I would coordinate the wood signs soo… to keep it simple, I ordered 4 signs all with white frames.


Mini Forever Signs 9 x 9 inches – Grateful Sign 13 x 13 inches


I think any frame finish would have worked but I like the continuity that the white frames offer.


Forever Sign – 9 x 23 inches


These Pink Lemon Wood Signs look awesome hung on the wall but can also be used on shelves, console tables or anywhere you can fit them.


Now is a great time to take a look at the 2019 Spring Collection which includes wood signs and prints.  You can find inspirational quotes, floral designs and room specific words.


Happy Shopping!! xo


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