Week 114 – Design your own furniture with Johnson’s Antiques!

Are you searching for that perfect furniture piece? What if you could simply design your very own furniture. By that I mean choosing the exact shape, style, dimensions and stain/paint colour of your item. It’s a really exciting process that I’ve done twice now and, unlike what you may think, it’s easier, more accessible and affordable than you may realise.

Week #114 Challenge: Shop or design furniture at Johnson’s Antiques & Reproductions!!


Custom Storage Side Tables & Bench – Cream


About Johnson’s Antiques and Reproductions


This furniture and antique shop, located in Cornwall, Ontario carries quality Canadian solid wood furniture pieces and reproductions. They also build some of their pieces using reclaimed wood! The craftsmanship is quite beautiful. They carry and build an endless selection of furniture pieces such as:


TV stands & units, Harvest and Coffee tables, Dressers, Bookcases, Accent Furniture and much more.


You can also find Home Decor as well as a Collection of Glengarry and Irish Coast Furniture.


Custom Pieces


If you have a specific piece of furniture in mind, like I did, Johnson’s Antiques can turn that vision into reality. Here are the steps I personally took to create my furniture pieces:


Step 1 – Establish what furniture you want

That was easy, I wanted a faux fireplace under my wall mounted TV. Never heard of a faux fireplace? It’s basically a decorative surround mantle with a closed-off section in the middle. Instead of inserting an electric fireplace within the middle of the mantle, it’s meant to use as storage or to fill with decorative items that mimic a fireplace, like candles for instance.



My vision for this faux-fireplace was not clear at all. The good news is you don’t have to be particularly creative when designing a piece. My best tip is to search the vast online world for inspiration. You can attempt to replicate any furniture you like or take various ideas you discover and incorporate them into one perfectly unique furniture piece.


My inspiration stemmed from these images:


  1. I really liked the moulding detailing and shape of this mantle, however, I don’t really like the way the “hidden cabinet door” (at the top middle section) is built. 


Picture from the “Fake It Til You Make It” Blog!


2. Now this is more like it, I like that the hidden media storage door is disguised with the moulding. It’s clever and looks much more like a finished product in my opinion. 



Step 2 – Identify the specifications


Now that you have a better idea of what you want, it’s time to get specific. When enquiring about your custom piece, I suggest providing pictures or drawings to highlight precisely what you want.


This is a great time to determine the following:


Dimensions: including the height, width and depth.


Stain/Colour: what type of wood stain or paint colour you would like. Keep in mind you can combine them by having some sections stained and others painted.


This is Johnson’s Antiques Paint & Stain selection:



Style: any detailing such as drawers vs doors, the type of hardware (pull handles vs nobs), types of legs or mouldings, etc.


I drew my design by hand as it was a fairly simple concept:


My handmade Furniture Sketch


When submitting a custom order ensure you provide as much detail as possible to ensure your vision is captured. As an example here were the exact specifications for my order:


Description: Faux Fireplace Cabinet with a hidden blu-ray shelf


Dimensions: Width: 5′ Height: 44″ and Depth: 13″


Colour/Stain: Piece painted, entirely, in Pure White


Specifications: The Hidden blu-ray door flips down and a grommet hole at the back to allow the blu-ray wiring to pass through from the cabinet to my wall-mounted TV.


I dealt with Michelle the Sales Manager throughout the entire process, the team there is really helpful and will request clarifications if anything is unclear.


Price Quote & Ordering Process


Once you identify the basic or your piece including the size, shape and detailing (ex: drawers) you will receive a price quote. This way you know what to expect.


Now that you place your order, an approximate completion date will be provided. I recommend picking up your order in person, however, you can request delivery to Ottawa for a fee. It’s a little expensive due to the distance and large size of most furniture pieces (around $200 depending on the kilometres travelled), however it’s hassle free.


Final Product


Let me tell you, it’s exciting seeing your furniture come to life. I was nervous but thrilled to receive this beauty:



It arrived without a handle which I was actually really happy about. This way I was able to select one that matches my style. Thanks to everyone who helped me choose a handle on Instagram, it turned out perfectly.


It’s an eye catching piece that is also very practical. The grommet hole at the back of the cabinet allows me to pull the wiring for my Blu-ray and Nintendo which leaves everything looking clean.



Any regrets? The only thing I would have done differently is request a picture of the furniture prior to being painted, as I may have opted to stain the top of the furniture due to the grain character. I would also have made the piece one or two inches deeper to leave more room for my electronics. Something to consider!



This is the second custom piece I design with Johnson’s Antiques and I can attest that their furniture is perfection and will last a lifetime. If you like quality and unique statement pieces, this is without a doubt the place to go 💕


Happy Shopping – Isabelle xo


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