Week 113 – Playback, Ottawa’s new hangout spot!

Looking to try something new with your friends? Instead of hosting an event at your place (which can be a pain) or catching up over yet another coffee maybe it’s time to try something different. A new hangout venue just opened in Ottawa and it’s definitely worth checking out!


Week #113 Challenge – Hangout with friends at Playback!


Full-disclosure: I collaborated with the team at Playback who reserved a spot for us to try both games!



About Playback Ottawa


The Playback venue is brought to you by the owner of Archery Games & Room Escape Ottawa. You can expect to find plenty of seating, drinks & food as well gaming areas to play and socialize with your friends. One thing that we quickly noticed is how eco-friendly the place is, the straws used are paper, the menus are easily recyclable and the take-home containers are compostable ♻️🌱


Playback Games


What really differentiates Playback from other bars and restaurants are the games. There are four designated gaming areas, two of the lanes are to play BOCCE & the other two are for SHUFFLEBOARD. Because we all know introducing a little healthy competition always makes things more interesting, right?!


How does it work?


It’s a first come, first serve basis. If the lanes are free, you can go play at no cost. However, one lane for each game can be reserved at a cost of 20$ per hour. If you split that amongst four people, it’s 5$ to play. A really inexpensive option and you are guaranteed a lane.


What type of games are available?


There are two types of games available: BOCCE & SHUFFLEBOARD! Never played these games before? Neither had most of us but it was easy to learn. The instructions are available on the wall and when unsure, we quite honestly made up our own rules. If anything, adding our own touch made it that much more fun!





This game, which originated in Italy, involves throwing balls and requires precision. The biggest struggle was not giving the ball too much momentum, the more you practise the better you get.





This game requires the use of sticks and flat disks which you propel forward to earn points. You can really throw off the opponents which keeps you on your toes.



You can find more information on BOCCE & SHUFFLEBOARD on the Play Page.


We played both games and found them really entertaining. There was a slight preference for the Shuffleboard simply because it seemed that luck was more on our side. BOCCE was a bit more challenging but equally fun!


What about Food & Drinks?




One side of the menu is entirely dedicated to beverages! As you would expect, you can order beer, wine and specialty drinks.



I tried the Tonic and Blueberry Prosecco Lemonade which was good but quite tart, my friend ordered a Fresh Peach Gin later in the evening which, in my opinion, tasted just like Fuzzy Peach Gummies! 🍑 I will definitely be ordering that next time.




The Menu also lists a wide range of individual-sized dishes and sharing platters. You have your healthier options like salad or salmon to more traditional pub foods such as burgers, chicken wings and pizza.


Gluten-Free, Vegetarian & Dairy-Free dishes are all labelled and a Kid’s Menu is also available. The prices are pretty standard, exactly what I would expect.



The cheese pizza guys, it was sooo good! The personal size was plenty for one but I shared it since it was just a snack! The cauliflower wings also come highly recommended.


Where can I find Playback?


The Playback Venue is located at 1860 Bank Street, right along Walkley Road. It shares a building with Archery Games and Room Escape Ottawa. This makes Playback not only a great spot to hangout on any given day but also a must see after playing Archery or Solving your way out of an Escape Room!


Have any questions or want to make a reservation/plan an event? Visit the Playback Contact Page.


Don’t just take my word for it, go experience it for yourself!

Isabelle xo


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