Week 112 – Strathmere: Ottawa’s Retreat & Spa Destination!

When I hear Strathmere, I automatically think of a beautiful wedding venue. While this is quite accurate, did you know it’s also a spa/yoga retreat destination? In order to get a little spring into your step again, considering you survived yet another winter, perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a “me day” or overnight stay!


Week #112: Attend a Strathmere Retreat!

Full-disclosure: I was granted a small discount towards the retreat package in support of my blog.


Day Packages


First, let’s talk options! If you plan on visiting Strathmere you can choose amongst the 7 Day Packages ranging between $25 and $200 per guest. No matter your budget you can find something perfect for you!


Some packages like the REGENERATING DETOX ($75/person) includes:


⭐️ Yoga Class (1 hour)


⭐️ Café juice & smoothie


⭐️ Access to the Hot Tubs & fireplace


⭐️ Tea & appetizer pairings




For something a little different, the HANDS, FEET & TREATS ($112/person) package offers:


⭐️ Manicure (shellac available)


⭐️ Pedicure (shellac available)


⭐️ Glass of bubbly & chocolate covered strawberries 🍓 🥂


Only have an evening to spare? You may want to try the VINO & VINYASA ($45/person) retreat which includes:


⭐️Yoga Class that integrates 3 local VQA wine-sampling flights during the session


⭐️1 full glass of your preferred wine, amongst the 3 sampled


⭐️Variety of savoury bites prepared by the Executive Chef


It’s a great way to unwind after a long week and to mingle with great people.


Celebrate Package 🎉


We ended up choosing the CELEBRATE PACKAGE ($100/person) since, as you will see, it had a perfect balance of everything you need on a spa day.


For this particular package, here are items you may want to pack:


  • Workout clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Bath/Lounge robe
  • Flip flops
  • Shampoo/soap
  • Change of clothes
  • Reusable Water Bottle


Morning Yoga – 10:30 AM


Upon reserving your package, you will be scheduling your yoga class. We opted for the 10:30am class. I recommend you arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of time to sign-in, get your lock to store your personal items and fill up your water bottle with fruit infused water 💦 🥝


My beautiful friend, all ready for yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️


Meagan, our yoga instructor was wonderful; very friendly and interactive. The one hour yoga class was a perfect opportunity to get in touch with your body and clear your mind. It just flew by…


Snowshoeing – 11:30 AM


Since our lunch reservation (which is optional) was at 12:30 PM we decided to use the snowshoes and walk along the outdoor trails on the property. It was chilly but sunny and we warmed up in no time!



It didn’t leave us much time to walk but being outside felt incredible and helped increase our appetite. A must try while there!


Retreat Café – 12:30 PM


Lunch isn’t part of this package, however, since our manicure/pedicure was scheduled at 2:30 PM these girls needed a bite to eat! The Retreat Café MENU is seasonal, made of the freshest produce and artisan foods. I wasn’t too sure what to eat but followed my friend’s lead and tried the:



PANINI with the soup of the day!


I hardly ever indulge, however, this was COMPLETELY worth it! The Panini was made of sliced pears, melted brie cheese, prosciutto, arugula on freshly sliced artisan bread!


The soup that accompanied the plate was: Cauliflower, Parsnip & Parmisan topped with croutons and crispy prosciutto. I wasn’t able to eat the entire dish but I loved every single bite!


Feel like having a drink? This is the place to get it. With lunch or dinner you can choose from a wide selection of unique specialty mixed drinks and plenty of wine options (at $5 a glass you simply can’t go wrong)! 


Hot Baths – 1:30 PM


After lunch, we changed, grabbed complimentary towels and headed to the outdoor hot tubs. As luck would have it, nobody was there! Getting a chance to catch-up with a friend, while soaking in a hot tub under the sun is the ABSOLUTE best. In fact, time flew by so fast that we had to rush off to our Mani/Pedi appointments.



Spa Appointment – 2:30 PM


As part of the CELEBRATE Package, you have a complimentary hot beverage and baked treat. We decided to order ours while getting our spa treatment. You just head to the front counter order your drink (Latte? Cappuccino? Americano? Tea?) and select a baked treat on display:



You will probably spend too much time looking at the dessert options: Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookie or Date Square or Vanilla Cupcake or maybe even the Pumpkin Energy Ball?! Go with your craving!


Manicure or Pedicure?


Seeing as how I had a new tattoo on my ankle, I didn’t want to soak it in water (it’s recommend to wait two weeks) so I was relieved that I booked a manicure. I will leave it to the imagination how I managed to soak in the hot tub with one ankle out but I managed just fine! My friend preferred getting a pedicure and who can blame her!


Dessert: Cranberry Lemon Scone


We both loved the pampering, the whipped cocoa hand moisturizing treatment administered had such an amazing scent. Prefer shellac polish? No problem, you can request that option at no cost with this package (it’s an additional $12 without a package). Personally, I only get shellac now since it lasts much longer and dries instantly with the LED light.


Interested in other Spa Treatments? You can find a whole range of Spa Services for both men and women.


After the manicure, my friend left and I went down to take a shower, since we didn’t get a chance after soaking in the hot tub. So glad I did, I left the Strathmere feeling clean, relaxed and happy! 💕


Cozy Change Area


Have a little more time?


You can book one of the Overnight Packages with Strathmere as well! Some packages are romantic while others are meant to bond with the girls/guys. They also have a solo package for someone looking to reconnect with themselves!


On a tight budget? Make sure to keep an eye on the on-going Strathmere Promotions. Better yet, scroll to the bottom of their website to sign-up to the newsletter to get those promotions sent directly to your inbox.


Hope you enjoy your visit as much as I did!


Isabelle xo


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