Week 109 – 5 minutes to love!

Love.. there is nothing quite like it, is there?! It comes in so many forms and is worth cherishing there is no doubt. How long do you think it takes to romantically fall in love with someone? A few days, 4 weeks, 6 months… 5 minutes?!



For better or for worse, love is one complex emotion. It’s hard if not impossible to measure the recipe that leads to falling in love with someone. In a way, I suspect this is what makes love so special! You cannot predict who, when or how you will fall and yet at some point you just do!


Is it lust?


Distinguishing between love and lust is a whole other complexity! Often times, I believe true love starts off as lust. Only time will reveal wether the initial passion and excitement you feel is a result of who that person truly is or based solely on who you perceived/hoped them to be.


Week #109 Challenge: Show support to someone in your life!


This week was all about love, not only was it Valentine’s Day but a friend/colleague of mine was acting in a play with the Isle in the River Theatre Company called:


“5 Minutes to Love”


For anyone who has had the pleasure of dating in the modern world, you can really relate to this play! This presentation was basically showcasing two characters one man and one woman who are single and ready to mingle. The play starts off with both characters sharing a bit about their background and how they found their way to a Speed Dating Event. Then you get to see them interact with potential matches, in segments of 5 minutes.


“5 Minutes to Love” Play + desserts


I got a really great kick out of this play since I am no stranger to the dating world and seeing my colleague, who is married with kids, portray a single person was priceless! Rob you did fabulous!


I think what made this evening even better was being seated next to two seniors who happen to be single. Hearing them talk about their experiences dating online was really enlightening, it made it clear that dating at any age is certainly an adventure!


“Adventure is out there” – Up by Pixar


Speaking of adventures, driving out to Osgoode (this is where the play was held) taking backroads and using a printed map from google is NOT recommended. With such little lighting, poor road conditions and confusing signs, I got lost… of course! On my way back, I relied on my phone For directions and drove for the first time through Greely, what a stunning town. I want to live there one day.. the homes are too beautiful at least it appeared that way at night 😍


Here comes the bad news… this play was sold out weeks ago and is no longer playing. On the bright side, this week’s challenge isn’t specific to the activity, it’s more of a suggestion that when an opportunity to support a friend, family member or colleague comes around just go ahead and take it!


Isabelle xo


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  • Mel

    It was a great play and amazing performances.
    As always, it’s a treat to read about your experiences, Is.
    Liked your perspective on this 🙂
    Also, glad you made home safely 😉

  • Claire

    The sign of a true friend is to show your support of their accomplishment. Always something new to expand your horizon comes out of a new experience like this: a new town, new acquaintances, a new romance……. who knows? Glad you enjoyed your outing and you learned of new area to explore in the future.

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