Week 108 – Public Myth Activewear!

As you likely have noticed by now health and fitness are a big part of my life and, often times, my blog activities reflect that! I am always looking for ways to improve my experience and performance at the gym and it’s only in the last year that I’ve realised the difference proper active wear can make.


Week 108 – Test out the Public Myth Clothing Line!


What you wear at the gym is a big deal! How so? The comfort and confidence fitness apparel brings is the best predictor of a good workout, at least it’s what I have noticed for myself! It gives you a boost to push harder, focus on your form and increases your overall motivation which is what you want!


What is Public Myth?


Public Myth is a Canadian brand of high quality activewear for women! Their line of products, which is made in Vancouver, BC, is best described as a premium and ecological brand.




This apparel line is comparable to Lululemon & Alo Yoga and may actually be better. By producing the clothing in Canada, they are able to ensure the best quality and also ensures that all those involved in producing and selling Public Myth merchandise are paid fairly. 




Public Myth’s workout attire is made of the following material:


Bamboo: a sustainable fabric that is ecological, antibacterial and incredibly soft.

Technical Nylon Spandex: a fabric that is comfortable, breathable and slimming.


You can see and feel the quality right away, this clothes is light but sturdy and will pass the test of time!




I visit a lot of activewear websites and have to say that Public Myth Clothing Designs are completely on point. You really can’t go wrong with any of their clothing, except maybe the camo pattern, don’t think that style will ever be for me! The majority of their apparel are solid colors, which I love, and the detailing is simply gorgeous.


You can find neutral colours such as white, black and greys as well as really fun colours such a strawberry 🍓, sunshine ☀️, seafoam 🐬, etc.



You can stock up on tops for every season, have a look at these:



Some of the tops even reveal a little side cleavage which I find sexy. If that’s too risky for you, I suggest wearing a more conservative sport bra and voilà you are ready to go.


I ordered the Bamboo Long Sleeve Crop Top in black, I am loving pairing crop tops with high waisted leggings. I ordered it in extra-small and it’s a slightly relaxed fit with is really comfortable!


Styling tip: Although I like the loose fit, I loved the Bamboo Crop Top even more when tying a small knot at the front or back. This way it’s a bit more form fitting if you feel like it. One wash and the crease made by the tie will vanish!



Similarly to the tops, Public Myth carries a variety of pants / shorts:



When I saw the Empire Leggings, I was instantly in love! I ordered the white pair (it comes in black too), it has beautiful mesh detailing that contours in all the right places. The size I ordered for myself is small and they are a tiny bit roomy but I am very happy with the fit! They are stunning pants and very easy to move with; great for doing yoga, cardio or weight training!




Up until recently shipping was FREE for orders over $200 but since last week it’s now FREE for any order of $100 or more! It cost about $10 to ship from Vancouver to Ottawa so it’s not unreasonable even if your order doesn’t qualify for FREE shipping! 📦


Also, in an effort to be eco-conscious Public Myth uses minimal packaging that is almost entirely recyclable!


Public Myth is a clothing brand you want to add to your wardrobe not only for it’s versatility but also for the fact that it just makes you want to go out and move! Speaking of which, it’s time to head to the gym. Happy workout!! 💕


Isabelle xo

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