Week 107 – Boho & Hobo eco-friendly line + Bento Box

Small conscious changes are what lead to big impacts! We all share a common responsibility to protect our planet, our home. Respecting and salvaging our environment is the best legacy we can offer ourselves, our children and future generations and you can help lead that change.


Want to take a step towards protecting our environment?


Yes?! Excellent, me too!


Week # 107 – Transition to eco-conscious and sustainable products with Boho & Hobo!!

Full-disclosure: the products I am reviewing in this article were complimentary in support of my blog!



What is Boho & Hobo?


Boho & Hobo is an online boutique, based in Kingston Ontario, that prides itself on being “Agents for Change”. They achieve this by selling and distributing superior quality products that are both ecological and made of sustainable materials, directly reducing the consumption of plastic.


Putting them to the test: The cool thing is that this small Canadian business only carries products they have tested themselves and integrated into their daily life.


Visit their About Use page to find out more!


Boho & Hobo Eco-Friendly Products


The line of products they carry can be divided amongst 3 categories:


Home Items


This category includes items that are handy to have around the house such as: Bamboo Coaster, Wool Dryer Balls, Coconut Scrub Brush, etc.

Body Care

This category includes are self-care items that contribute to your health, beauty and hygiene such as ECOYOGA Mats, Hot/Cold packs, Makeup Remover Pads, etc.

Food Storage


This category includes items to store or consume food including Stainless Steel and Glass Straws, Travel Bamboo Cutlery, Silicone Bags, Beeswax wraps, etc.


Can’t choose? No problem, they have little pre-made Kits such as the:


School Zone Kit – Made especially for the little ones


Photography credit: Bohoandhobo.ca


Lunch Room Kit – Perfect for the working adults


Photography credit: Bohoandhobo.ca
Campus Kit – Great starter kit for everyone, including University/College Students
Photography credit: Bohoandhobo.ca


You can find the entire Boho & Hobo Product Collection HERE!


Packaging & Shipping


It’s worth mentioning that the Boho & Hobo products I received were shipped using minimal & recyclable packaging which is a welcomed change to other brands.


In terms of shipping, it’s FREE for orders over $150 or a flat rate of $7.50 for orders under that amount!


Bento Box – Product Review


What lead me to Boho & Hobo in the first place was their Bento Box. Why?

  • Each box has 3 compartments
  • They are made of wheat straw, a natural and sustainable fiber
  • Are safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer
  • Comes in 4 gorgeous pastel colours: Blue, Green, Natural Wheat or Pink Berry


Bento Box filled with veggies & pita + 1 can of tuna mixed with 1/2 avocado + pineapple slices!


Who wouldn’t want these in their life? When I received my blue Bento Box, I put it to the test and this is what I discovered.




First off, this Bento Box is spacious. You can pack a LOT of food in all three compartments. I can easily store two days’ worth of breakfast or lunches in here and so this would be suitable for a man’s lunch, no problem!




For breakfast one morning, I filled my Bento Box with a stack of protein pancakes, blueberries and, let’s not forget, maple syrup! It was a high-risk decision, considering I placed this container directly in my Poppy & Peonies purse, but I was confident in my Bento Box. As expected, it did not leak at all, the cover secures tightly, therefore, leaks are not likely to occur.





The container is easy to open and close which is important when it comes to your little ones. It’s also really quick and easy to clean and can be stacked for storage purposes.




At $20 a box, these are more expensive than your conventional plastic food containers there is no doubt. What I suggest is you start with one or two containers and go from there! My nephew is starting school next year and I will be getting him his first one!


A little extra…

A little extra product I get to review here is the Bamboo Tooth Brush which is compostable (the handle) & recyclable (the bristles). 


Bamboo Tooth Brush with natural bristles!


You can choose either the natural bristels or the activated charcoal bristles which have whitening properties. It comes wrapped in a cute little fabric and would describe the bristles as soft to medium. Works just as it should and is much better for our environment 🌿♻️


I hope you take a moment to visit this small ecological Canadian website and look into getting your very own Bento Box 🍱 !! With Boho & Hobo you know you are getting quality and, best of all, you are reducing your carbon footprint 👣


Until next week!


Isabelle xo


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