Week 105 – Honey, Beekeeper’s Naturals is all it’s about!

What’s your secret to surviving winter?


With its freezing temperatures and ensued illnesses, we can all use a special winter survival formula right about now. The one I propose works for all ages and happens to be delicious and sweet. I am talking about a natural substance that you may have heard of before called: Honey!!

Funny thing, not all honey is created equal and I was recently introduced to a company whose honey products offer the most health benefits and flavour you can imagine. I read a lot on their website and they really are honey and bee experts!

Week # 106 – Stock up on Beekeeper’s Naturals Honey

Full-disclosure: I received some of the products in this article at no cost in support of my blog!



About Beekeepers Naturals


Carly, the founder of this company, discovered the benefits of honey while contracting tonsillitis abroad. She cured her symptoms using a Propolis Bee Spray, a compound produced by bees, and so began her interest in honey properties. With the help of science and research her business, Beekeeper’s Naturals, was born and now offers a wide range of high quality honey products across North America.

What are the benefits of honey?


It’s good for you! Honey is a fantastic natural sweetener that can be used to replace refined sugars. Apart from its great taste, it’s a substance with antibacterial properties, nutrients and a source of antioxidants. It’s easy to integrate in your daily life as it can be used in so many ways and forms, as you will see.

It’s good for the environment! If you have seen The BEE Movie then you know the important role bees play. If you haven’t seen this cute animation, you really should. Through pollination bees support the maintenance of healthy and striving ecosystems. With the decline of bee colonies over the years, Beekeeper’s Naturals has partnered with the Canadian Bee Research Fund in an effort to support pollinator protection.

To find out more make sure to read all about the Benefits and the Bee-cause.

Beekeeper’s Naturals Products


As you may expect Beekeeper’s Naturals sells raw honey containers. For a first time buyer my top recommendation is the:



What is it? The Honey Flight Bundle is a box filled with 4 containers of their honey blends. Which includes:


🍯 1x 125g Ontario Wildflower Honey
🍯 1x 125g Sweet Clover Honey

🍯 1x 125g Superfood Cacao Honey

🍯 1x 125g Raspberry Blossom or Buckwheat Honey (varies depending on the season)


This bundle is awesome because it:

🍯 Offers a variety of fun honey flavors

🍯 Is packaged in small glass jars that make it easy to travel (bring them on a day trip or at the office) or to share

🍯 Affordable price  (Under $30)

🍯 Great gift idea for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle

I was a huge fan of all the honeys in my box, my favourite being the Ontario Wildflower Honey as it tastes so sweet and pure. The only one I can’t recommend, which I have in a large jar, is the Buckwheat Honey. Couldn’t do it.. I really wanted to like it did but apparently it’s just like cilantro. You either love it or you don’t!




What is it? The Propolis Throat Spray is a honey product that helps alleviate sore throats. This is the first product launched by Beekeeper’s Naturals. You simply spray the product in your mouth up to 5 times daily.

They also sell an adapted Propolis Throat Spray for kids which I got my niece and nephew (both toddlers) for Christmas. It was easy to administer since the kids found the spray format fun and they also loved the taste and kept asking for more.

As luck would have it, I contracted a cold a few weeks ago that lead to a very VERY sore throat. As frustrated as I was, the silver lining was that I got to put the Beekeeper’s Propolis Throat Spray to the test. I used the spray once to three times daily to help fight the symptoms and, in hindsight, wished that I had used it even more. It’s a must have for every pharmacy to sooth and disinfect your throat.

Flavor: Tastes predominantly like honey with a hint of a medicinal taste.



What is it? The Superfood Cocoa Honey is the equivalent to Nutella in the honey world and, unlike its competitor, it is actually made of the simplest and finest ingredients: 100% pure raw honey and cocoa powder. I melted about a ½ teaspoon of the Superfood Cocoa Honey and poured it over a homemade banana ice cream. It tasted like a Chocolate Sundae as the melted honey caramelized over top. Healthy and divine, I wrote down the recipe below for you to try:

Flavor: A balance of honey and chocolate flavour. Slightly thicker consistency!

Superfood Cocoa Honey Granola Protein Ice Cream








Optional: You can add sliced fresh bananas or nuts.



In a high-powered blender, gradually blend your frozen bananas and almond milk. Once a creamy consistency reached, add the Kaizen Chocolate Whey Isolate Powder and cocoa powder. Meanwhile, melt the Superfood Cocoa Honey in a pan until liquid or in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. Once your powders mixed, transfer the ice cream content into one or two serving dish(es). Top with the granola, frozen raspberries and drizzle the melted Superfood Cocoa Honey. The taste is amazing!!




What is it? The B.LXR Brain Fuel with Royal Jelly is a package of 6 vials containing a natural concoction, including royal jelly, that is meant to boost your mind through increased alertness, focus and memory. I wasn’t too sure about these initially but was more than pleasantly surprised! I don’t know how but it has actually helped reduce my brain fog, something I have dealt with over the last few years. You can intake 1/3 to 1 full B.LXR vial a day.

So to make Monday mornings brighter, I take ½ or 1 full vial, with breakfast. A perfect way to start the week feeling your best! It’s also great to take on a day where you want to increase your performance at work, school, competition, etc.

Flavor: Tastes a bit sweet but also strong like medicine.





What is it? The Bee Pollen is a great addition to your pantry as you can sprinkle this slightly crunchy crumbly goodness on anything really. I added it on my salads, omelets, yogurt, shakes. It is a source of B vitamins, minerals, amino acids and even protein!!

Flavor: Not very sweet has a subtle floral flavor.



I suggest you visit the Beekeeper’s Naturals website to discover additional products and all kinds of discounted sets. One product I am planning on trying, is the B Powered Superfood Honey. It find it expensive but based on the fact that it incorporates all the best honey elements into one creamy jar it may actually be the best bang for our buck!

Where to get Beekeeper’s Naturals Products?


Personally, I went through the official Beekeeper’s Naturals website. If you subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Instagram you will get access to all kinds great promo codes and sale alerts. It’s also FREE shipping over $60.

With all this new honey in hand you will be able to try all kinds of exciting new recipes!

Out of all these honey products, which one would you want to try most?

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