Week 104 – New filing system!

It’s the season for new beginnings!! Setting goals for the year ahead always feels like a breath of fresh air; full of hope and renewed motivation. This is the year, everything you set your mind and heart to will happen and it all starts with one critical step: Figuring exactly what it is YOU WANT to experience, accomplish and improve as of now!!

I always have tons of ideas (note to self “write them down”) but I find the most challenging thing is learning not to limit yourself.  What I mean by that is do not be afraid to list all your goals no matter how unrealistic or minute they are and don’t just stick to weight loss and more travel. Consider any goal that can assist you with:

🚰 Improving poor habits

💆🏻‍♀️ Reducing stress

🎁 Spreading happiness

💪🏼 Maintaining or achieving a superior health

💛 Supporting self-esteem (whether your own or someone else’s)

These goals are incredibly personal and can be as complex or simple are you want them to be. To start, I decided to tackle an easy-peasy goal:

Week #104 Challenge: Organize your Home Filing System

Just going to put it out there.. I hate hate hate clutter and my house in the last year has felt precisely like it. Rather than tackle each and every single element of this self-inflicted mess, I started the year with one little project:

My Home Filing System



My current system was starting to feel dated and a little messy so here is exactly what I did to fix it. Paperwork can pile up fast and it’s easy to scatter and lose things. So let’s make our lives easier, shall we?!

What you need


🗂 Storex File Storage Container – On sale for $14 at Staples (in-store only)

🗂 Hanging File Folders (Letter Size – Navy) – $20.49 at Staples.ca 

🗂 Recycled File Folders (Letter Size – Ivory) – $16.99 at Staples.ca

🗂 Paper Clips (Metallic Multicoloured) – $3.49 at Staples.ca

🗂 Pendaflex Hard File Tab – $8.99 at Staples.ca

🗂 Gelly Roll Stardust Glitter Pen – 3.49$ at Michaels


I picked up most of my supplies at Staples because filing folders and hanging folders were almost non-existent anywhere else. Who knew?! If you prefer Ivory file folders just know that they need to be specially ordered online. In store you can find options in grey, burgundy, yellow, sand and blue.

Let’s get stared!



Step 1 – Create piles


I divided all my paperwork in piles. For instance, placed all the “Hydro” paperwork together, all “credit card statements” paperwork together, “schooling” paperwork and so on.

Step 2 – Sort Documents


If not already done, organise the documents in order by date. I prefer having the most recent documents at the front and oldest at the back.

Step 3 – Archive documents



To reduce the size of my filing system, I decided that paperwork dating past two years would be filed in a separate box. Using my colourful paperclips (What can I say? You have to make this fun!!), I attached all the documents together by year (ex: 2015, 2016)

Step 4 – Group Documents



Using your existing document piles, group similar paperwork together to form categories. Here are examples:

I grouped the following piles: Builder or Lease Documentation, Hydro, Enbridge, Water & Sewer, Property Taxes to create the category: HOME

I grouped the following piles: Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Dental Coverage to create the category: INSURANCE

As you create your categories, label them with a post-it. Keep creating categories until all your paperwork is grouped. Some piles may need a category of their own. For instance, my DONATIONS folder was a stand alone.

Step 5 – Label your Hanging File Folder



Now it’s time to label your files. For each category you identified in Step 4, you will need a hanging folder. Using my special pen, I wrote down each category (ex: Home, Insurance, Banking, Donations, etc.) on Pendaflex file tabs and hooked them to a hanging file folder.

Step 6 – Label your file folders:



For each pile within a given category, label a file folder. As an example:

For the INSURANCE hanging folder, I labelled 5 file folders:


  • Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Coverage


Step 7 – Assemble your filing system


Once the hanging folders and file folders labeled. You are ready to insert the documents in the file document and place the folders in the appropriate hanging files.


Wow…. what a relief to have everything in order! Having a set place where all your important files and documents are stored not only reduces stress but ensures you won’t misplace anything. Not to mention, in case of an emergency (which I wish upon nobody) this is a really useful and important precaution to take!

Will you be taking on a similar project this year?

Isabelle xo

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  • Bennette

    OMG….like father, like daughter. You are so neat and organize like your dad! 🧐

    • Isabelle

      Lol.. I guess I was bound to inherit some his characteristics 😅

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