Week 102 – Add a little Poppy & Peonies to your life!

A few months ago now, I started taking the bus to work! Oh the joy.. on came the motion sickness, getting up and personal with complete strangers and being at the mercy of a not so reliable riding schedule. How I missed this ha ha..


It’s not actually all bad! My body adjusted to the motion, phew!!!! I’ve been able to catch up on reading. Started knitting: “Uh huh.. I am cool like that!”. Best of all, I’ve met some very nice people. One other positive note about riding the bus is that it made it crystal clear that I need a more functional handbag!


Wait a second boys.. don’t go checkout on me yet. If you have a mom, sister, daughter or special little lady in your life that deserves a fabulous gift, which I am sure you do, then this is a MUST READ.


And so the search for a new bag began. As for most things, this new bag needed to meet certain standards:


👜 Looks feminine and cute

👜 Versatile and sturdy

👜 Holds plenty of items (wallet, tablet, phone, note pads, tooth brush, etc.)

👜 Reasonably priced

👜 Ideally, a Canadian product


Impossible to find? Don’t you worry, I was on it!


Week #102 Challenge: Accessorize your life with Poppy & Peonies!



This is actually a really cool Canadian company. The owner, Amy, a young mother and handbag designer created this line of handbags and accessories. Her products empower women by offering products that are fashionable, practical and affordable! Cheers to that


She offers a wide selection of handbags and accessories which have both neutral and vibrant colored options. Her products are trendy but also classic making her pieces timeless!



I asked for The ALL DAY grey tote as a birthday gift and my sister and her fiancé got it for me (love you guys)! By now, I’ve had the chance to strut it around town for a few months and it’s awesome! I find it elegant and also very practical.


ALL DAY Grey Tote Design

This grey bag is more of a grey and beige colour that goes with everything, I swear. It’s currently sold out in the grey but it’s still available in a beautiful cream or blush shade. It has yellow gold detailing which happens to be my favourite part.


It also comes with a decorative removable clip with tassels, one of which is a blush/soft pink colour. Love that!



If you like gold accents, you can add customized Metal Initials to clip on. They add a really nice touch!


 ALL DAY Grey Tote Features


This tote is incredibly practical. There are three pockets great for holding things like your cell, lip products, chargers, work/bus pass & receipts.



It also has a zippered pocket area which can hold items you want to keep discreet. Plenty of space in the middle to hold your wallet, books, tablets, prescriptions, makeup bag.. you name it!



It’s a nice change as a lot of high end bags cost quite a bit more and, typically, only have one space in which all your things get lost and mixed up! What I like to call a purse black hole…


You can carry the purse using the short handle which I do when walking:



Or when your hands are full, say when carrying groceries, you can toss it over your shoulder using the long handle:


Not to mention, I’ve received a lot of questions and compliments on it! If it’s your first purchase at Poppy and Peonies, you can get a 10% discount when signing up for the newsletter. Shipping isn’t free, which is unfortunate I will say, but it averages at around $11 or so to Ottawa.


Amy also recently released her Holiday Collection and the bags are absolutely beautiful! I already got The RSVP Clutch with will work perfectly for nights out. Make sure to take a look at their Gift Guide for gifts that can fit your budget and will make someone very happy!


Isabelle xox

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