Almonte, a beautiful town along the Mississipi River, may be small but contrary to what you may think it’s a place where a whole lot is happening. This town, just a quick drive from Ottawa, happens to be home to some highly recognised brands such as Equator Coffee Roastery and the Hummingbird Chocolate line. It offers stunning scenery and architecture all around not to mention it happens to be a popular filming destination. In fact, this past September scenes from the film “A Christmas Getaway” were captured there.


Week #101 Challenge – Visiting the town of Almonte – Mississipi Mills!


When is a good time to visit?


Almonte is a great destination all year round; however, to make it worth your while you may want to consider the following:


  • Avoid visiting on a Monday as many shops and restaurants are closed
  • Keep track of Almonte Special events as to make the most of your stay, including the Santa Parade
  • If escaping the city is what you want, then consider visiting on a day you can stay overnight. My first pick would be at the Almonte Riverside Inn


What to do in Almonte?

We only spent an afternoon there but these are the fun little things we did:



1 – Visit the Main Street with all the quaint shops – I didn’t get to visit them all however I would say that my favourite ones were:


Cashmere & Rose

A boutique with gorgeous house decorations, luxurious gifts & fashionable accessories. A little pricey but the quality is there!


Cheerfully Made

A gift shop that carries mostly very local and North American products – sort of an all year round craft market.


Acanthus Floral & Botanicals

A flower shop with plenty of greenery to choose from as well as seasonal decorations!



2- Explore the nearby scenery – Pay attention to the buildings style and architecture also make sure to stop by the falls! They are right along the Main Street.



3- Visit one of the many Cafés such as:


☕️ Café Postino

☕️ North Market Café

☕️ Heirloom Café

☕️ Tea & Cake


Trying to pick a spot to eat when you are hungry and indecisive is much harder than it looks. The Heirloom Café sounded perfect but it was closed for the day. As a plan B, we ended up visiting the Mill Street Crepe Company  which, as luck would have it, was closed for the afternoon. So on to Plan C, we picked Tea & Cake which is the hot spot for afternoon tea.



I am NO scone expert but I did enjoy the plain scone with lemon curd.  The drink situation was a different story. I had to giggle at the fact that our hot chocolates were made from a little powder pouch. Not exactly what I had in mind but it still tasted nice! If you visit Tea & Cake I would suggest you stick to tea and pastries, which is their specialty after all.


This picturesque town was worth the quick little drive! If you have yet to visit or haven’t been in a while this upcoming winter is the perfect time to go! I bet Almonte looks breathtaking all covered in snow


Isabelle xo

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