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I’ve officially published 100 articles and so I thought I would make this post extra special! I am incredibly grateful for each one of you for supporting my blog and for the amazing businesses who have made this journey possible. That’s why I am dedicating this article to one of my favourite topics in the world…




I swear they are like candy. The more you get, the more you want them. They have so many uses. They can light up a dark room. Make your house smell clean and fresh. Create a romantic atmosphere on any given night. I just love them!


What I don’t love, however, is the fact that many mainstream candles are filled with ingredients that can be quite harmful to you and your family. By complete luck, while visiting a boutique called Ma Cuisine in the Ottawa Market I discovered a brand that has transformed my home.


Week #100 Challenge: Go with Au Naturel Soy Candles & Natural Products!


Full-disclosure: The products I purchased for the purpose of this review and giveaway were discounted – Lianne, the owner, was kind enough to even throw in all kinds of fabulous extras for the giveaway winner! 


About Au Naturel


This Canadian company is located in Saint-Lazare, Québec and sells products that are:


100% Naturel



Makes use of recycled material

Made in Canada


Au Naturel specialises in making Soy Candles in various sizes (small, medium & large jars or tealights) and dozens of flavours. Some of the top scents include:


  • Lavender and Sage
  • Energy
  • Eucalyptus and Mint


They also carry other classics like:


  • Vanilla
  • Grapefruit
  • Baked Apple Pie


There are so many other scents to choose from!



For an extra cozy feeling, you can purchase Wood Wick Candles in two scents and a Crackling Campfire Candle! I am dying to try that Campfire one.


Although Au Naturel specializes in candles, they also carry all kinds of natural body products and home accessories including:


Rock Diffuser bracelets

Moisturizing Cream in a Reusable Tube

Felted Wool Dryer balls

Essential oils

Bath Tea


It’s a great time to stock up on Au Naturel products as Secret Santa Gifts, Stocking Stuffers or even for yourself as you get FREE Shipping with any purchase over $50!


My order consisted of a variety of Au Naturel Soy Candles in different scents and sizes. They have 4 Holiday Scents available and let me tell you, they smell fabulous:


  • Candy Cane – smells of a cool and slightly vanilla-like peppermint
  • Mistletoe – reminds me of a Christmas tree
  • Santa’s Village – the only scent I didn’t purchase but wish I had
  • Winterberry – a sweet and fresh berry scent



I love them all! They smell divine and burn so nicely. Plus it feels wonderful knowing the products aren’t harmful for you, your family and guests.




The Au Naturel Giveaway includes the following (over $100 value):


Dead Sea Mud Mask + Brush

Six Tealights – Woodland

Large Soy Candle (17oz) – Lavender & Sage

Small Soy Candle (4.25oz) – Vanilla

Body Butter in glass jar (4oz) – Unscented

2 x Volcanic Rock Diffusers – great for either gender

Extra: Wish Bracelet in Black and Silver!


How to enter?

It takes less than a minute. The only rule is that you must be able to claim your prize in Ottawa, Ontario. Here are the steps:


1- Visit the Au Naturel website

2- Identify which candle scent you would love to try

3- Write down that scent in the “Comments” section below

4- Want an extra entry? Visit my PrettyMesmerizing instagram page to enter there too


The winner will be announced on November 30th – Good Luck!!!


A big thank you to the lovely Lianne, owner of Au Naturel, who made this wonderful giveaway possible!


Isabelle xo

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Comments ( 26 )

  • Mylene Cadieux

    You are amazing Isabelle! Thank you for this website. I would love the woodland scent candle. In fact, I will probably make an order this evening! ☺

  • Nora

    Thanks for sharing such a great shop! I am so excited to take a better look at their candles:) Katie and I love your blog! I really want to try the candy cane and vanilla.

  • Katie

    Hi Isabelle. I love reading your blog! You are very talented!! Thank you for posting. I love candles and I am love that these candles are natural! I would love to try the Mistletoe scent.

  • Sarah

    Hi! I am a huge fan of these candles & would live to try the Sabta’s Village one 🙂

  • lynn clayton

    candy cane please

  • Sara Campbell

    I’d love to try the Mistletoe scent 😊

  • Amber Y

    I think I’d like the bergamot scent best! It’s one of my favourite scents and I bet it smells wonderful in their candles.

  • Amy Heffernan

    I would just love to try the Bake Apple Pie scent. MMMMM! Thanks!

  • Aly

    Mistle Toe!!!
    Love fresh scents – and love these candles!! The Bergamot wood wick is amazing!!

  • Irene

    Looking forward to following your blog . I’m a huge fan of Au Naturel soy candles . Lianne and John are awesome ! My favorite scent is black raspberry vanilla but they are all good 😉 thanks for the contests !

  • Liz

    I would love to win any candle … something Christmasy would be fabulous ! 🌲🦌⛄️🎅❄️😇

  • Julie Bolduc

    The mistletoe scent sounds so nice

  • Hollie

    Ouuuu the brown sugar & fig!

  • Maria


  • Lisa bolduc

    I would to try the candy cane scent

  • Clovis

    Noticed that Au Naturel has a wide variety of products and scents! Impressive! My preference would be Baked Apple Pie. As a suggestion, I would love to see a candle that smells like “fresh oven-baked bread”! Hmmmmm! 🙂

  • Lynda Cook

    Ooooo I would love the Maple or the Brown Sugar and Fig

  • Bennette

    Thanks for the opportunity Isabelle. My choice would be Candy Cane.

  • Leah W

    I would love to try the Winterberry candle. This is such a great giveaway.

  • Amelia

    Wow that’s amazing! I would love to try the lavender and sage one! Thank you for this nice giveaway!

  • Nadia

    I would say all of theme. But apple pie would be my first pick.

  • Erin Weinberg

    I desperately want to try the campfire candle! I love the idea of the crackling!

  • Evy!

    Candy cane seems amazing! I would try this one… But… Isabelle… YOU HAVE TO TRY THE CAMPFIRE ONE! This is the only product I tried so far and let me tell you… it’s-my-favorite-candle-EVER. The best candle I had of all my life.


    • Isabelle

      I think you would love it Evy! The scent is sweet and cool and just wonderful! Also, thank you for sharing that information about the Campfire candle, now I really have to try it 😉

  • Tainan Lu

    I would love to try the Winterberry candle.

  • Angela MacRae

    I would love to try the candy cane scent 🙂

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