12 Days of Christmas – Reveal


In need of holiday gifts, decorations and stocking stuffers?



For the next 12 days, I will be previewing crafts I designed and will be selling at the:


Deck the Halls Craft Sale on December 16th!



415 Piccadilly Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 0H3


A lot of work was put towards assembling, building and designing each piece and think my blog would be a great platform to advertise and perhaps find a great home for these handmade creations. They are made of all new material!


1st Day of Christmas – Decorative Shelf Snowman

2nd Day of Christmas – Festive Dip bowl

3rd Day of Christmas – Cinnamon Star Ornaments

4th Day of Christmas – Burlap Gluten-Free Oatmeal Reindeer 

5th Day of Christmas – Gingerbread Holiday Centerpieces

6th Day of Christmas – Holiday Laundry Pin Magnets

7th Day of Christmas – Festive Handmade Cards

8th Day of Christmas – Pulled Taffy Jars

9th Day of Christmas – Jewelry Frame

10th Day of Christmas – Snowman Earbuds Holder Set

11th Day of Christmas – Decorative Wooden Tree

12th Day of Christmas – Vegan Hot Chocolate Gift Set


Please note: 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Ottawa Humane Society!

 Your Holiday Wish List


Believe it or not, since August, I’ve been preparing for Christmas! Yes I am fully aware that summer is no time to think of candy canes and holly, but the outcome should be worth it!

On December 1st, 2017 I will be revealing what I’ve been up to!


This blog article is a bit unconventional, I want to help YOU create your personal Holiday wish list. A great starting point when prepping for the holidays is to identify:

  •  Who you want to buy for;
  •  Your budget per person;
  •  What are the specific items you want to get.



One thing you may forget to put on that list are gift ideas that YOU would appreciate! Every year, we are asked by family, friends and Santa what kind of gifts we would like; let’s face it half the time we don’t know what to put on that wish list. You’ve got no ideas? No problem, I’ve got your back!


#1 – Subscription Box

This is my go to lately, subscription boxes are a fun and simple gift idea. You can offer/receive just one gift box, a seasonal subscription (4 boxes for the year) or monthly boxes for various periods of time. Boxes of all kinds can be found on Cratejoy with themes like food, crafting, socks, reading, workout, relaxation or even collectibles suitable for women, men, kids or pets.

One Canadian box I can recommend is Bakers Krate. My sister loves baked goods which is why on her birthday I purchased a Bakers Krate box through Cratejoy. It cost $27 for the one time box (that’s including the $10 shipping and first time buyer 10% discount) and they sent her a box filled with delicious Birthday themed treats. She loved it and yes she took a bite of that birthday cake cookie before taking a picture!


Bakers Krate Subscription box


If you find a box that interests you, make sure to add it to your Wish list. Personally, I put the Pusheen the cat box on my list! It’s a bit pricy when you consider the US conversion rate and the shipping cost but I love this little character soooo much!


If you are thinking of purchasing a subscription box as a gift please consider the following:


  • Shipping fees: is it free or do you have to cover a shipping fee for each box delivery.
  • Renewal system: Does the subscription automatically renew itself? If so, make sure to keep track of dates if you wish to cancel it by a certain date.
  • Subscription box origin: If the box is originating from the US, you should consider the shipping cost, possible conversion rates and the applicable duties and taxes. Fun fact: if the items in the box are handmade in the US, no duties and taxes will be applied.

#2 – Practical Item

Not a glamorous option but take a moment to consider things you use on a daily basis, or every time you think to yourself: I wish I had one of those or I should invest in a better “whatever that is” then add it to your wish list… not tomorrow, not in an hour, do it right away! Otherwise odds are you won’t remember what “it” was.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy… it can be a sharper pair of scissors, a car wash you never take the time to get, a salon shampoo you are running low on and so on.


#3 – Special Event Tickets

Since attending special events make the best memories, why not include sport events and/or shows on your list?! Those gifts become memories you don’t forget. One Christmas morning a long long time ago, I was around 8 or 9, my parents surprised me with a ticket to attend the Beauty and the Beast Broadway Show in Toronto. I still remember every detail of that experience to this day. Here are a few events you might be interested in:


#4 – Workshop

By conducting a quick search, there are tons of workshops held in Ottawa that you may enjoy. A good place to start is the Westboro Brainery because they host tons of different workshops.

In fact, if you have a special skill you would like to teach, you may be able to host workshops and make money.


#5 – Local Pampering

Tying back to activities I’ve tried on my blog, those I highly recommend you take a look at when making your wish list include:

Pink Soapworks – Soap up from head to toe, naturally!

Nordik Spa Nature – Submerged in Nordik Water!

Daya Spa – A bit of “organic” royal treatment!

iNSiDE Out STUDIO barre – A little less talking, a little more dancing!

Meal Garden – A shortcut to being healthier..