Week 57 1/2- FODY Foods for sensitive tummies!

If you ever had food intolerances, you may be familiar with the low FODMAP Diet.


Never heard of a low FODMAP diet?


It’s basically a temporary restrictive elimination diet that can assist with identifying the source of any digestive pain you may experience. Having been feeling random cramping for some time, my doctor prescribed this diet! He gave me the Low FODMAP name, told me to study the details and follow-it for the next few months.


As I was reading up on it, I reached the Do Not Consume food list:


No apples, no dattes, no mushrooms, no garlic/onions, no lactose, no honey, no lentils, no wheat and the list goes on and on. 


“Woah, what is there left to eat? Just meat?! Sigh… so much for sticking to a more plant-based diet, luckily it’s temporary.”


After two weeks of filtering the grocery aisles, it became clear that the only way to eat while following this diet is by making your own food. The large majority of snacks, condiments, pre-made items contained something high in FODMAPS which means it’s off limits. Although I always recommend cooking fresh and healthy meals yourself,  it’s also a good thing having a few items on hand that you know you can safely consume or snack on. That’s when I discovered FODY Low FODMAP Food Co. and not a moment too soon!


Week # 53 Challenge (Part 2) – Test FODY Foods products!


Full-disclosure: I was sent these low fodmap items at no cost by low FODY Food Co.


What is FODY Foods? It’s an online store that specialises in low FODMAP snacks and condiments. It’s the only store of it’s kind that I discovered caters to Canadians.


Types of products


  • Spice mixes
  • Sauces
  • Salsa
  • Snacks
  • Soup bases
  • Garlic infused Oil


The FODY Low FODMAP FOOD Co. offers a 10% discount (enter code: happy10) for your first time order and free shipping for orders above 75$!


The shipping to my house was incredibly fast, I got it the next day! When I opened the box, I was thrilled to see snacks, steak spices and OMG yes Ketchup!! In case you didn’t know, all grocery store Ketchup (including the organic varieties) contain garlic or onion powder which has to be avoided at all cost. Meanwhile, potatoes are part of the “Things you can eat”. What are homemade fries without ketchup?!




Snacks of all kinds are available on the online FODY Food Shop including Trail Mixes, Granola Bars and BBQ Chips. Perfect for TV watching, at work or anywhere on the go!


You know these are amazing when even your cat tries to grab one!


The Mockingbird Trail Mix (red packet) contains delicious ingredients like dairy-free chocolate, banana chips, salted nuts… yum yum yum! On a day I was running late, I just grabbed a FODY bar or trail mix and a fresh fruit and had an instant breakfast on the go. Simple as that!


Steak Seasoning


I was looking through my pantry and realised, I have plenty of spice mixes but all of them (aside from the Italian seasoning) have garlic/onion powder.. useless I tell ya! Getting a chance to try a FODY Steak Spice Blend Seasoning was wonderful.


I went pretty generously and was surprised at how spicy it made the steak. I really enjoyed it. If you prefer milder less spicy tastes, just add a little dash here and there.




Ketchup is a staple item that you find in pretty much all households. The Fody Ketchup tasted very similar to the original. The boyfriend, who was curious, tried it too and totally agreed!



I love the products so much I already have my next order lined up, don’t forget to use the 10% off (enter code: happy10)!


They sell a cool BBQ Cookout Set for $64.99 which includes 8 Fody Food Products, a beach ball, cooler bag and 21 Low FODMAP recipes to try!


All Fody Food products are healthy, taste great and what’s best is that they are good for everyone. So if you find yourself sensitive to food or looking for digestion-friendly options when recovering from a flu or hang over even, Fody Food Co. products are your best bet!

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